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January 16th, 2017

Affiliate Programs For Nutritional Supplements


To analyze and consider investment opportunities for nutritional supplements sold through affiliate marketing channels. To state statistics, growth trends, innovations, suggestions and give a conclusion.


The world of nutritional supplements is largely known by vitamins and minerals, but when considering the entire package of healthy dietary components, there are other key ingredients to consider. Prime examples include herbs, spices, protein and carbs. Formulas are good considerations too, as weight loss formulas and other specialized formulas designed specifically for athletes have been in demand for years. There are so many possibilities as far as supplements, remedies and recipes, some work and some don't, just do your due diligence to find what works for you. Yes, you have so many decisions to make based on the possibilities,.. What relieves your pain? What gives you strength? What puts you to sleep at night? And what gives you energy in the morning to start a new day?..

Nutrition Industry

In the face of our healthcare debates, overall nutrition has become a popular topic of discussion. Yes, there's a lot to talk about, especially when it comes to the nutritious foods we eat and the nutritional supplements available in stores. With all the research and discoveries about nutrition being made nowadays, the door has been opened for the expansion of information published in books, magazines, medical journals and on the Internet. It has also opened the door for many new supplements and diets to show up on the shelves at grocery stores, natural food stores and nutrition shops. As a result, the nutrition industry has grown to $30.6 Billion annually, which comes out to a steady 52% increase over the last 10 years. The IBIS World on Investment Bank breaks it down like this:

  • Vitamins/minerals (38%)
  • Herbal (18%)
  • Protein (15%)
  • Weight loss (10%)
  • Specialty and sports (10%)

It's easy to obtain dietary recipes and supplements, as many outlets in malls and discount stores will sell them to anybody who wants to buy them right off the shelf. No prescription is required, and usually no age limit.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

Finding nutritional information on the web is easy, as the Internet makes it possible to find information that pertains to healthy food and good nutrition. For people interested in selling through affiliate programs, online market places like Amazon, Shopify and Ebay make it possible for anyone to sign up for their affiliate programs. Even Walmart has an affiliate program that is good for beginners. They basically allow anyone to advertise and sell their members' products.

Pharmapacks - A $70M Success Story…

Yes, it's true that Pharmapacks made 70 million by starting off selling lip balm. They did their due diligence when calculating the time to put the product in the box, tapping it up and sending it out throughout the mail weighing 0.025 ounces at a shipping cost of $1.89.

But when they started selling nutritional products, something exciting started happening. They suddenly realized that there was potential to make serious money by selling through Amazon's Affiliate program.

Andrew Vagenas, the founder of Pharmapacks, noticed that after including Vitamin Friends Iron Diet Supplement in with their affiliate product list of lip balm, they soon received 201 reviews. Within hours, Pharmapacks became the number-one seller on Amazon for both of those products (a ranking that would remain for weeks).

Pharmapacks reached $31.5 million in revenue in 2014, reaching a three-year growth rate 3,035%, and by 2015, its annual revenue was $70 million.

George Bernard Shaw once said:

“Give a man health and a course to steer, and he’ll never stop to trouble about whether he’s happy or not.”

More and more people are realizing the value of good health these days. As populations around the world continue to age, people are looking for remedies to cure what ails them, elixirs to help them stay healthy, pain relievers to relieve pain, protein shakes to build muscle, and all else that will keep them kickin' into their twilight years. Health is not just a goal, it's both a lifestyle choice and a thriving consumer market.

Currently, the demand for detox products is extremely high, and they are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to create a private label. To get an idea of how big this market is, consider a new report by Grand View Research that the detox products market is expected to reach $69.85 billion by 2025.

Increased Consumer Awareness for Preventative Healthcare

The health care debate seems to have no end as baby boomers are retiring at a faster rate than ever. From this there has risen a spike in awareness for good nutrition and nutritional supplements. As far as sports nutrition, the sky is the limit as athletes are always setting higher goals and looking for ways to be the greatest at what they do.

Partnering With Others

People look for partnerships for various reasons. The key thing to consider is what kind of partnership you are looking for. To start, you should have complementary skills that will make you look like a worthwhile member to the partnership. The key to finding the right partner for your affiliate endeavors is to be patient. Eventually, the right person might come along, but if the right person doesn't show up, then just about any affiliate program can be run as a one-man operation. Affiliate programs have various degrees of difficulty, and some are designed just for beginners.

If you're starting from $0 in the beginning, you may have to fund your endeavors through bootstrapping. Finding a job that pays a decent wage or better will provide you with some income that will fund your initial efforts. Just trust your intuition and take action as soon as you feel you have a good idea.

There's no shortcut to becoming a success story, even if you have a million dollars to invest. Whether you're going from rags to riches, or you've got investment backing to begin with, you must formulate a selling strategy to achieve your goals. That means making the right decisions through patience, practice, testing, some risk-taking and maybe some mentoring.

Interesting Note...

One common denominator stood out about retailers who sold online. Almost every company that grew by 1,000 percent or more had a website that looked like it was in dire need of a re-design. Arguably, the reason may have been because retailers don't use their own websites much anymore. They build their businesses on platforms such as eBay, Overstock, and, yes,. Amazon!